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Solvent Filters. How often do they have to be replaced and why.

For every owner of a wide-screen printer, sooner or later, the question of servicing the equipment arises. Part of which is fine filter. But why is it necessary to replace it and how often? Usually, you can find this out from the seller of equipment, who sold you your plotter. But there are a number of genera rules that have to be maintained. Replacement of filters must be carried out not less that once a year. Replacement rate of the filter depends on the quality of the usable ink. If the ink is original, from the manufacturer, then after several month of storing of ink in a jar, there shouldn't be any sediment on the bottom, it means that ink is stable and it's parameters are maintained, they won't clog up the filter and in consequence - print head.

Unfortunately, it is common, when printer is filled up with ink of bad quality, and as a result we get unstable printing, then blinding of the print head nozzles and poor quality of an output result. Some manufacturers recommend replacing filters not less than once in 6 months. It is connected with special features of dye used in manufacturing of ink. Once it gets into filter, it starts to accumulate on the filter elements and in consequence its filter capability reduces.
 For certain colors from the same ink, the rule of filter replacement with more frequent periods is used. E. g. metalized ink, gold or silver, require heightened attention, and needs filter replacement not less than once in 3 months. It applies to white ink as well. As pigment used for them is heavier and filters placed for this color work in the intensive regiment, they have to replaced more frequent than the others.

Where can an inopportune replacement of filter in the ink system lead to? It's quite simple. Ink filter, as any other filter element starts to deteriorate with the lapse of time. And with the course of time its filter capabilities start to work worse and worse. Moreover, big undissolved particles that remain inside of the filter start to go through it in the ink system into print heads. In effect, this junk gets into the print head and clog up it's nozzles. It may come to the replacement of the print head.

Frequently, majority of printer users ignore this maintenance procedure, filter replacement. They say, that it work quite well as it is. Or try to wash filters thoroughly. Unfortunately, filters with nonmetallic filter element can hardly be washed. It's filter capabilities can be renewed but only for a little period of time. But it is dangerous, because filter element can deteriorate while being washed thoroughly. And this creates a risk of particles of filter element getting inside the ink system.

There is another type of filter, which is used for preliminary purification of link, not for fine purification. This netting is frequently washed off in solvent with the use of ultrasonic bath and run of warm solvent in reverse direction. But you must be careful while this procedure, as excessive effort can harm inner nettle in the filter.?

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