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About ink and printer.

 For obvious reasons, I won't mention brand of machinery, or name of customer, or name of the seller's company, so that nobody will blame me for advertising or anti-advertising. Here is the real story:

Once, good people bought a wide-screen solvent plotter. In the city, where they organized a company they were the only owners of the wide-screen printer for 3.2 meters, with an interior quality of printing. They no less paid than 20,000 USD. They borrowed money from relatives and friends. And put it all in motion. Paid for printer and got it after almost 3 months. After another month an engineer arrived to install it. Long or short, printer started working. They started to print, printed out test samples, marvelous quality, they were pleased. And engineer himself, left happy and satisfied.

But literally after less than a week, printer starts to behave weirdly. It doesn't want to print. Prints unstable, stripes are visible on the image. Calls to the company, which sold them the printer started. Engineer consulted them. His advice saved the situation but not for a long. A lot ha be said to the clients. Check grounding, humidity, set a microclimate control. Always keep the room clean, eliminate all draughts. Set tension on the print heads, change printing speeds, change resolution, number of passages. Heads had been washed properly; air was removed from the system, but nothing helped. Instability of printing continued.

It lasted for almost a year. Clients bore losses; there were no question of profit. To regulate humidity, every two hours, they washed the flour with a damp cloth; dug in a metallic cog outside. They installed psychrometer and thermometer. Humidifier and conditioner. Nothing helped. Material was wasted on tests, ink was wasted, time and money as well. Desperate client were ready for anything to get rid of the printing machine and get their money back. But right this time a good, independent person was discovered and he suggested pouring ink from another manufacturer. It was slightly more expensive but had no problems whilst printing.

And they decided to transfer their printing machine to the other ink. They washed it thoroughly, cleansed and poured new ink. Then started printing. And here it is. First order, 6 to 3 was printed out in 40 minutes. Everything was stable and well. After, they started to speed up their printing machine to the declared 30 square meters for hour. 3 to 6 banner was ready in 25 minutes. Clients are happy and pleased. They started to get orders, set things going. Printer worked off for 3 months.

The moral of this story is that:

1)            Not only the printer you bought is important, ink that poured into it is just as important.

2)            Always, when launching it, with an engineer, print out as much as possible test samples or even orders.

3)            Give yourself a trouble to call the owners of the same printers and inquire about the ink they use and which problems occur whilst operational process.

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