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 Is your main board damaged? Instead of paying over $1400 for a new board, we can repair yours for much less.

We can repair the next Board:

All Roland


Seiko ColorPainter









 If one or more colors are COMPLETELY not printing at all, the machine doesn't turn on but you see the green light, your main board may be damaged. A main board can be damaged by the following:

1) printhead that has shorted

2) bad printhead cable (look at the cable ends to see if there's delamination or damage

3) ink that has accidentally gone into the printhead connector

4) any large voltage spike

5) removing any cables inside the printer while the power cord is connected.


All repairs come with a 30 day warranty. If after connecting the board and it shorts out again, it probably means that the associated print head is bad which will need to be replaced. You can then resend the board to us and we will repair the board again for no charge EXCEPT for return shipping back to you. If you need to utilize the warranty, we allow only 2 additional reworks. If you need more than that, then there will be an additional charge. 

 Repairs generally take 3-5 working days after receipt of the board

 To proceed with a repair, please send to us e-mail, with the problem. Send to us photo with problem the board, and also photo of printing resulte, and nozzle test if possible. Then carefully package up your head board (preferably in antistatic bagging) and bubble protection inside the box. On the outside of the box, write - BOARD FOR REPAIR SERVICES. send to our address in Australia, or Russia:

 Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

 We do not provide ANY additional warranties other than what is listed above. We will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur by you removing the card or subsequent replacement back into your machine. We do recommend authorized and trained technicians to perform all board replacements to avoid any problems.

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